MMC Interactive Copyright Policy


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This web site is copyright © MMC Interactive Limited.

All images on our web sites are either the propery of the site owner or have been provided by others for use on this web site. They are not offered for free use by any other person or organisation. If you wish to licence the use of an image, just get in touch with us by emailing

Our databases are the result of many years of toil, and the task of keeping them up to date involves a lot of ongoing work. Databases are protected under copyright law, and we assert our right to protect our investment - we will be very upset if you copy our data without our written permission. If you would like to use our data, please just email us and we'll be happy to provide a competitive quote.

If you believe that anything in any of our web sites belongs to you and has been used without your consent, let us know and we'll try to sort things out.