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MMC Interactive has been designing web sites since 1997, and graphic design is a central part of our work. We noticed quite early on that graphic designers started to produce web sites, trying to migrate their expertise in print design onto the online space. It doesn’t quite work as easily as they thought, but to their credit, a lot of them have done the hard work needed to do it properly.

We didn't set out to become graphic designers. But, in the same way designers migrated to the web, we found that the principles of good web design CAN be migrated to design for print. Clients explained that they needed their communications channels to be consistent. Their print media had to match what they saw online. The obvious solution was for them to ask us to produce print-ready versions of their material.

It makes perfect sense - we can prepare artboards that create print and electronic assets from the same base files. Over the last 27 years, we have gained a deep understanding of how to integrate design and production across print and screen. That means we can ensure that leaflets and brochures look the same on paper as they do on electronic devices.

Doesn‘t that make sense?

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Writing is easy. Writing well can be very hard.

Our background is in web design, where you have literally seconds to communicate your message. A good content designer can draw in the reader and get them engaged. A good content writer can choose words that guide the reader to key messages, and helps them understand prime points in as short a time as possible.

Where most designer fall down is in the need to make content memorable. A brochure might be read for less than a minute - but you want the key points to be recalled as long as possible. We understand the human memory, and can embed your key messages - simply and easily.

User experience design is as important in a brochure as a web site. It's essential that the reader can identify with the content, find what they’re looking for, and see what to do next. Our expertise in UX will add a fresh approach to your next brochure.

Add our experience as Chartered Marketers and it’s easy to see that we have the perfect combination of knowledge and understanding. We can put that to work for you right now!

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Is a graphic designer best placed to understand how advertising works? The reality is that a knowledge of just colour and form doesn’t really cut it in today’s competitive world.

As a founder Chartered Marketer, Malcolm Mactavish understands how big bang results can be had from tiny budgets. How print differs from online. How to promote a local business to local people ... and how to use agility to transform a local business into a potential world beater.

So, whether you’re looking for an eye-popping ad in a local newspaper or to achieve high returns on investment online, we can help you identify your objectives, help you work out an action plan, and produce an affordable campaign.

All this means that we can produce multi-destination advertising quickly and at surprisingly low cost. Your offers can be kept up to date with the minimum effort. We’ll help you to become agile, responding to opportunities as you identify them. And your online and offline advertising can integrate with each other, giving a ‘multiplier’ effect.