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Just like beauty is only skin deep, an effective web site needs to be more than a pretty face for your organisation.

MMC Interactive seeks to provide an optimum balance between cost and effectiveness. The business model is simple. By inviting businesses to subscribe to our applications, we can develop great products, while keeping the cost per client really low.

With a deep understanding of search technologies that is based on thorough academic research, we can achieve excellent rankings on major search engines. Even better, our applications are user-centric. They let users achieve their goals quickly and easily.

MMC Interactive - not a very funky name, is it?

Not what you'd expect from a web company?

Well that's because we're proud to be one of the oldest web businesses in the UK - MMC Interactive has been building webs since 1997 and our name reflects our heritage!

So if our name isn't funky, why would you want to have anything to do with us?

Here's a few good reasons:

  • established - we absolutely know what we're doing,
  • accreditation to Masters Degree level - and our founder taught web at university for 14 years,
  • we undertake research, and present our findings at international conferences,
  • a strong background in marketing - one of the very first Chartered Marketers in the UK,
  • we know more than technology - we can talk with you in terms you can understand,
  • we understand that you don't want technology for its own sake ... but welcome improved business performance,
  • we place a strong emphasis on user experience (UX) design,
  • our applications are highly accessible,
  • they work on all types of device, adapting to their capability,
  • quite simply, they work!